How will converting my car to LPG save me money? 
Autogas is half the price of diesel or petrol. This is because the tax is far lower in recognition of its environmental benefits. There are also benefits such as a small reduction in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) for cars registered after 2001 (£20 per year) and reduced engine wear. 

Is LPG safe? 
Crash and fire tests have proved that the strength and integrity of tanks fitted to LPGA safety guidelines (CoP11) make the LPG fuel system safer than petrol. There are now over eight million LPG vehicles around the world. The Queen has four of them. 

What is LPG? 
Liquefied Petroleum Gas, often called autogas when used to as a vehicle fuel, is made up of propane and butane. It is a by-product of oil extraction and refining operations. The UK has an abundant supply. Currently the UK exports LPG and imports petrol . 

Does it matter what system I put on my car? 
Yes it does - . It is crucial to have both the right system for your car and to have it fitted by a mechanic trained to LPGA standards.

How will it affect my car's performance 
Modern LPG conversions suffer no noticeable loss of performance. Engines will run smoother and be slightly quieter. 

How does an LPG conversion work. 
The conversion adds a second independent fuel system, making the car bi-fuel or capable of running on either petrol or LPG. This requires a second tank, usually installed in the spare wheel well. 

What happens if I run out of LPG? 
All modern gas injection systems are dual fuel so when the car runs out of LPG it will automatically switch to petrol. This is quite normal, hardly noticeable and causes no damage to your engine. The car will cold start on petrol and then quickly switch over when the engine is warm. 

Can I still drive on petrol? 
The conversion adds a second fuel system, leaving the original petrol system in place. Therefore the car drives as before on petrol and will normally cold start on petrol.  You can switch to petrol at the push of a button on the dashboard.
  When you're used to the low cost of driving on gas there really isn't any need to use petrol unless of course you are out of gas.

Under the bonnet state of the art electronics is virtually the only visible sign of conversion.

A Compact LPG tank replaces spare wheel.

EnergyShift will provide you with an LPG powered courtesy car vehicle while your car is being converted.